The future of corporate training

is just one text away.

zick learn makes enterprise learning simple, fast and efficient again. Create and deliver beautiful text  based courses reaching the learners through the main chat apps, delivering your courses right in their pockets.

the micro learning and spaced learning scientific principles are the foundation of the zick learn course engine and are built in partnership with 

Introducing zick learn

Text is fast. Text is contextual… and yes, text can also be beautiful!

The end of the lessons is always one swipe away. Based on our controlled environment tests, the average time to complete a lesson is below 3 minutes.

Add interactive exercises right within your learner chat client to increase memorability and gather real time statistics on your courses.

over 85% completion rate

3 mins to complete a lesson

Try the best in class creation suite and deliver text based courses in minutes.

Enjoy the creation of your courses without hassle.

  • Advanced course composer
  • Guided creation tool for assessment
  • Multichannel and contextual distribution engine (Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams, Slack, …).
  • Multilanguage native support
  • Real time analytics (engagement stats, openings, interactions, time spent, learning curve)

Boost the learning curve of your classes. 

zick learn makes the improvement of the learning curve real, because it’s based on the scientific theories of micro-learning and spaced-learning.

The improvement is also tangible because zick learn offers you a real time and down to the single user precise picture, for every moment of your corporate training experience.

8x curve improvement

97% learners satisfaction rate

Where to use it? It’s simple. zick learn is flexible, efficient and ideal for any business.

Distributed workforce

Upskilling and Reskilling


Before and after standard trainings



Gig economy workers




& Induction

Simple, fast and easy to use.

Join the revolution: learning is just one text away.


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